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NPCs & Places Grimoire

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Trois Pistoles

Savoy: First mate and old, veteran warrior of Trois Pistoles.
Bertrand: Deckhand of Trois Pistoles
Roland: One-legged cook and navigator.
Ara: Young footpad from Esmeltaran. Cabin boy.
Cecil: Son of the elder Woodrecht. Ward of the fellowship.

Small Teeth Foothills

Cherous: Lord Mayor of Gaoler's Bend, and owner of 'treetrot', the horse that ended up being a unicorn avatar of Mielekki.
Selai: The elven bard who sang of the Soulwood.
Argus Hoat: Hunter master of Hoat's Pasture.
Maleil: Formerly treetrot, now the unicorn avatar of Mielekki and keeper of the Soulwood. Indebted to the fellowship.

Gaoler's Bend: A halfling community of farmers and rural folk.
Hoat's Pasture: A hunting community near the small teeth, owned by Argus Hoat.
Soulwood: A restored forest of elves, formerly the Brown Lands.


Pelegar: Captain of the guard. Member of the Kraken's Fist.
Shadow Thieves: The foremost thieves network in Amn.

Thickett Estate: Custer Thickett's family home. Currently under ward of the city guard as a favour to Custer.
Bashful Esmelda's: Former whorehouse, now burned to the ground.

Baldur's Gate

Mazolath: The Red Hand, former archwizard of Baldur's Gate, and brother to Barjerohn, Shorjahl's deceased master.
Thrinan: A female dwarven artificer and tinker, friend to Shorjahl and the fellowship.
Old Shandy: A drunken stablemaster, friend to Osvald
Elder Woodrecht: Master tradesman. Wealthy trader of the Sword Coast. Father to Cecil and Thorold.
Soren: Ex-harper, foiled in his pursuit of the Fire Lord's Urn by the fellowship. In manacles.
The Broken Arrows: The thieves guild of BG.

Thrinan's Shop: The artificing shop that Thrinan keeps
Water Queen's House: Temple to Umberlee
Shandy's Stables: Shandy's horse stable
Bloomridge: The wealthy part of Baldur's Gate


Asial: The High Harper of Baldur's Gate. The Ameera of Manshaka in Calimshan.

Waukeen's Promenade: The enormous trade ward of Athkatla.

Olufsen Hale:Ranger of The Small Teeth
Catsgruth: Roadwarden and Member of the Kraken's fist.
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