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Legends Is Live

Post  Ao on Fri May 20, 2016 9:24 pm

Please note, there is a new forum available at RoL.

Legends is an open forum for you to roleplay through a background story of your character. Simply set the scene of something that happened in your character's past, and Ao will jump in to help moderate the scene to its' completion.

A few rules:

1) Any other player is welcome to join in as an NPC at any time (providing it makes logical sense). Be aware of this - they will have the ability to add to the scene as they see fit. So if it's part of your backstory that you want 100% control over, make it a backstory post and put it up in Faerun At Large.

2) You can use your current character's stats, to keep things easy. This is largely roleplay-focused, so I'm happy to strip down combat to a skill check or two so that we don't have to keep track of HP.

3) There is no timeline to my, or any other player's response. This is secondary to the main story. If you decide to be an NPC, make sure you're willing to stay active and participate, or please bow out.

Looking forward to it.

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