Taking advantage of roleplaying opportunities

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Taking advantage of roleplaying opportunities

Post  Ao on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:04 pm

[[Reposted from the main story thread]]

...Hear me out guys - we’re headed into a roleplaying heavy couple of posts, as we approach the Djinn’s tower. I don’t want to get too meta for you, but I have to spell this out:

Play-by-posts are easy to play in ‘dungeon crawling’ mode, because you’re either making a decision about your path, or encountering something. Combat is similar.

In these situations, it’s challenging to present you with explicit actions or decisions to make. Of course, you’re deciding whether or not to follow Umberto and his men to the tower of the Djinn… but given the context of the narrative I don’t think it’s too hard a decision to advance the narrative forward and follow along.

And yet, if I don’t allow you to make that decision, I’m robbing you of player choice.

So when the party is engaged in speaking with NPC’s or traveling in their company (like you are, now, and just like when you were at the dinner table with Sim in Faeressar), it’s up to you to role-play, and create some role-playing experiences.

Understand - this format EXCELS at allowing you to notate your character’s thoughts, feelings, and idiosyncrasies to an extreme(ly enjoyable) level of detail. You can’t do it in tabletop role-play. This is a different thing.

So please, don’t forsake opportunities to create and write roleplaying situations. Banter with one another. Ask questions of the NPC’s. Share with us your inner monologue.

And, don’t be afraid to create minor to moderate situations for your character to interact with! If you’re walking through the forest with Umberto and his men, and you want to write that your character espies a strange cave many hundreds of feet below…and then you spend time wondering about the cave… I’m cool with it.

If you want to write about scenery, foliage, fauna - google the Marching Mountains, or calimshan or tethyr, and find some relevant content to write about what your character is experiencing.

If you want to take one of the 12 NPC’s in the band, and write a dialogue between yourself and that character - as long as it’s a minor character I’ve not specifically taken control of in the past, feel free to write!

So - this rotation - please don’t find yourself bored. Create something interesting to write about in this one of many roleplaying opportunities... - we all can’t wait to read it.

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