All New, All Different Dragoon!

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All New, All Different Dragoon!

Post  Kellar on Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:40 pm

Kellar wrote:The barkeep thought for a moment and said, "Lady Isylte, she's a healer at the apothecary. You boy, run for Lady Isylte, ask her nicely to see the gentleman in Room Four. As for the weaponsmith and blacksmith... Hmm, ah, I know go see Thromdag Metalbrand, he's a weaponsmith, he does mostly large items. All military grade as one would expect for the reputation of a Metalbrand. Now the blacksmith..." He paused a moment and continued, "Bratdrout Chaincoat. As the name implies, he's well known for his armor to fit all types. If you happen to visit both, tell them the Iron Raven sent you."

Kellar stepped into and out of the light of the window as he examined the shimmer of scales above his skin. Strange, it can only be seen in the day light. Otherwise they're invisible. He looked at Orbaugh and rubbed the top of his head. "Well it looks like we'll be heading out for a new weapon and armor it seems," he said. Orbaugh danced playfully. Kellar replaced his chainmail and headed for the door. On the outside of the door he found a pouch with a note attached. It read:

I didn't get a chance to thank you for the cloak. I take my leave and will be gone before you wake in the morning. I wish to see you again.

He shook the pouch and peered inside. 600 gold pieces. That might be enough... He added the pouch to his own and closed the door and headed down the stairs. He stopped by the barkeep and said, "Thank you for the room. I might be staying another night. Depends on my companions." He dropped a gold piece in the barkeep's hand and walked out into the sunlight. Kellar's first order of business was to visit Metalbrand to obtain a new weapon. He found the weaponsmith's shop after a while. It had a sign made of old rusted weapons all fused together. In the center was a wood sign that read, Metalbrand Armory.

He walked into the shop, the shimmer from his skin caught the eye of Thromdag. "Blue skin and golden scales? What can I help you with stranger? Coin up front or shove off," he said. Kellar nodded and replied, "Yes I have coin, I'm in need of a large military weapon. A Glaive, Lance or Greataxe." Thromdag nodded. "Ah, a true soldier's choice of weapon. No little toothpick sword or fancy metal ball on a stick. You want true devastation. Excellent!" he said. He removed one of each weapon and brought them down from the racks on the wall. "Each has been made of top quality materials. They will not break or dull under any circumstances. Each of them can be modified with little time to be silvered as well. There's an artificer in town if you should want it enchanted as well. A true hunter's weapon can be had," he said proudly.

"Quite the salesman's pitch. I'll take the lance, silvered, please," Kellar said. "Very well! Silvered it is, I'm assuming you'll want it enchanted as well?"
"Yes, let Thrirnan know it's a weapon for Kellar. She'll know me, she's done work for me before," Kellar replied. "Also, The Iron Raven referred your shop to me, the barkeep said to let you know." Thromdag nodded agreeably. "Very well, I can knock a little bit off the price for you, but the silvering process costs 100 gold pieces. That'll cover my materials at least," he replied. "I'll send for Thrirnan and get her out of her shop, a simple enchantment should be fine for this. It'll be ready this afternoon." Kellar thought a moment and said, "Ask her to enhance it stronger than she had done before. I'll leave this here with you for her." He removed 140 gold pieces from his pouch. "Okay, 120 for you, and 20 for Thrirnan after she completes the enchantment. Will that do?" Thromdag slid the gold from the counter into his till and said, "Absolutely, thank you for your patronage. See you this afternoon."

Kellar left Thromdag's and made his way to Bratdrout Chaincoat's to see about new armor. He found the familiar ping of hammer on anvil on metal. Tap! Tap! Ting! Tap! Tap! Ting! He entered the blacksmith's shop. Inside he found a small entryway that had a modest counter and various suits of armor and shields hung about. A sign above the door to the next area said: Bratdrout's Furnace. Kellar walked into the next area that opened to the outdoors. The blacksmith's forge was active, the heat was intense. Two dwarves worked one piece of metal, one turned the piece, the other worked the hammer. The one working the hammer stopped and looked up at Kellar. "You're a shiny-sparkly fella aint'cha? My name's Bratdrout, what can I do for you Mister shiny," said the dwarf.

"The Iron Raven said to stop by here if I'm search of armor," Kellar said. "Oh aye, you come to the right place Mister," Bratdrout replied. He approached Kellar in his well beaten armor. "Blazin' Hells! What chewed you up and spit you out? Lost your helmet too I see. Might I suggest you actually block with your shield or get out of the way of things larger than you Mister shiny," he said with a grin. Kellar shook his head. "You should see the other creatures I killed," he said. Bratdrout waved Kellar back into the room with the modest counter. He stepped behind the counter and beckoned Kellar to remove his armor. He looked it over and said, "Well, it's not good, I can't save anything from this rig you have setup. Whatever was tearing at you broke the bindings on the leather that hold this together. I'm afraid if I patched it it would just tear again. Considering what you've gone through with this armor, I suggest a breastplate. It'll keep your mobility and keep you out of harm's way."

Kellar agreed with Bratdrout's assessment of his armor. "Very well, I'll go with a breastplate. I don't mind have leathers for the extremities with a chainmail underlay. On the gauntlets I'll need two loops for carabiners on the gauntlets. I had them on shoulders, but they weren't very useful. The belt I wear is still functional and I need that yet. How much will this cost?" Bratdrout frowned a bit and then replied, "The Iron Raven brings me business on occasion. You are no different I suppose. 375 gold pieces for the breastplate, ten gold pieces for the addition of the loops on the gauntlets, and 15 gold pieces for the chainmail underlayment for the leathers." Kellar removed 400 gold pieces and handed them to the blacksmith. "Thank you for your business. Let me get a few measurements and then come back in a couple hours," he said.

Kellar left and grabbed a bite to eat and waited for the smiths to be done with their work. The day passed with little excitement. Orbaugh and Kellar watched as people walked by doing their own thing. He returned to Bratdrout's shop first. The finishing touches were being made by the two smiths. The gauntlets were still warm, but had a rich blue color around the edges and the tops of the fingers. The overall color was a nice silver color. The breastplate when presented proved to be of great detail. Blues and silvers intertwined throughout the armor. The new helmet he received was shaped like a dragon with it's maw open wide. The bottom jawline made the shape that protected the chin and upper neck area. The upper jawline came to a point just out from his forehead, with a row of dragon's teeth lining it. The rest of the helmet was formed like the head of a dragon, and had amethyst stone set in for eyes.

"I took the liberty of finding colors that matched your skin Mister Shiny. I hope you don't mind," he said. Bratdrout put the finishing touches on the straps and fitting the chainmail underlayment. "Thank you, this fits much like my previous armor, but newer and has stronger joints," Kellar said. "Well, that be it Mister Shiny. Stay out of harm's way if you can help it. The breastplate helps keep you safe, it's not the answer to taking a beating," Bratdrout said as he waved Kellar out the door.

Kellar made his way back to Thromdag's shop. "Kellar, it's nice to have you back. We finished the work on the lance. Thrirnan said to not lose this one, she won't enchant another one for you. Anyway, it's been silvered as requested, it won't fade and it doesn't make the weapon any weaker. You'll be good to go against almost anything," he said. Kellar took the lance in his hands and noted the gleam from the handle to point end. "This is magnificent work. It's so light, it should pair up well with my shield and armor," he said. Kellar stowed the lance on his back and left the shop. "Thanks for your help, I'll be sure to bring return service should I need it." Kellar met up with his companions and made his way to the Red Keep with them.
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