Spoils: Scorpion, and Nerguhll the Poisoner

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Spoils: Scorpion, and Nerguhll the Poisoner

Post  Ao on Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:46 pm

Gold: 65 gold each

3 potions of cure wounds
10 poison pots, with a mild paralytic poison (CON save DC10 or paralyzed for 1 turn)
3 poison pots, with a deadly paralytic poison (CON save DC18, or paralyzed for 1 minute. 1D10 damage every minute thereafter, until saved, or death)

*each poison pot is good for one dosing*

+1 battle axe, on Bloodgut

Rod of The Twin Acolytes, on fallen acolyte
+1 WIS
May cast Magic Missile twice as a level 1 caster, per day.

Shiv of The Poisoner, on Nerguhll
Finesse, Light
1D6+1 damage
May hold up to 3 doses of poison without any necessary checks, and automatically applies dose on hit.

A pretty hefty supply of reagents (be reasonable with what you could carry, but odds are good if they apply to a spell level 4 and below, you can find it here)

Clay and glass pots, beakers, and jars
Plenty of parchment, scrolls, books on alchemy and poisons, written in Orcish
Mundane battle axes on all of the orcs
Assorted pouches and mundane containers
Non-valuable, ornamental jewelry and fetishes (made of bone, and perhaps copper, worth no more than 5 cp)

*You can call the shots on what you get from this mundane list. Be conscious of what it is you can carry


Nerguhll's Spellbook - Sprawled upon a table in the back, you find a worn, black-bound spellbook containing

Spider Climb
and Scorching Flame

...as well as a recipe, written in orcish, for the aforementioned Deadly Paralytic Poison...

The Unseen
The Unseen

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Re: Spoils: Scorpion, and Nerguhll the Poisoner

Post  Artimus DeLonde on Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:10 am

Artimus scouped 1 deadly poison and 3 mild paralytic ( or all if no one takes them)
1 potion of cure wounds (or Three if no one else takes them)
Artimus take 3 empty vials
a pouch or two for carrying some regents should any of the casters need

If no one takes them, Artimus is scouping the rod and the shiv! otherwise they are totally up for grabs!
Artimus DeLonde
Artimus DeLonde
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