Market place baldurs gate

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Market place baldurs gate

Post  Artimus DeLonde on Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:55 pm

After the meeting with the Harpers, Artimus wound through the cobbled roads, counting the stones and the archways. He was on the path to a small shop corner, nestled in the lane that marked where the Garden district met the East Dock --Thrirnan's. The heavy blackened door smelled of Oricalcum and Binding Powder. Artimus held his breath and leaned his shoulder into portal. Once moving it swayed easily like a stone slab on slick ice. The dwarf artificer looked up from the well worn brass tinkerers table squinting to try and decern the form that had darkened her door.

The man drew back his hood to reveal whispy white hair tied up in folded salt stained bananada and a wry grin.  

"Bonjour Zhirnan" the figure stated evenly.

The Artificer's eyes widdened as she bounded up from her seat, the magnifing goggles she wore flew off her head landing on the metal tableu.

"No No No No, not you...  You can't be here!" Thrirnan shouted, pushing on the mariner's chest as she tried to close the door with the other.

"Come now mon ami, what have I done to vex you zo? Am I not valued clientele ? Do I not bring you the choizest gemz and rarezt metalz. I don't offer them to you before zay.... Mildred the infuzor or Durian conztructor of zhose warforged contrivanzez. I offer them to you, non?"

"Yes, you do!" Thrirnan, continued, while continuing her efforts to force Artimus out of her shop. "And you offer tha' attention of unwanted eyes."

"you're going to get me killed 'Mist'r Delonde'"!

"It'z Cap'e'tain actually..." Artimus corrected.

"Well Captain! You used tha' Stone of Phasing an' Orb of d'Masks I sold you last Mirtul (The Melting)..."  Her voice suddenly fell into a terse whisper as she continued " You'a used -em to smuggle lady Woodrecht th' yonger out o'th' city, and his lackies CAME HERE. HERE! I lied through my teeth to these men, and they didna' ask nice.

she finished the words smouldering in her jaw, wide eyes burning.   "They'd hang from m'hairy ankles and flay my hide, ifna they'd known I'd aided ya."

"Firzt," Artimus defended.

"Why would I do something so foolish,  I'm but a zimple boat'z captain, trying to make his way in thiz world."

"Second" he continued.

"In my defenze, It waz for a very good reazon."

Thrirnan, Flabbergasted, shoved mightlily edging the Cormyrian from his footing as the doors opening narrowed.

"You'll be tha' Rune of me, tha' rune!"

"Zhrirnan...Zhrirnan; Lizten! zhe lady Woodrecht faczed the blackest end!" Artimus said as he fought for position in the foyer of the artificer'shop.

""Zhrirnan..." The Cormyrian said, softer, more sevrely"
"Esmeltaran burns, Cryic rizez to do the zame to here... all Perhapz the realm. Dark dayz are ahead, it fallz to the few to make zhe difference. I need your help, Zhrirnan. To turn your back iz to invite darknezz"

"Pleaze Zhirnan, you muzt aid us"

[Artimus requests for an object of protection to improve AC/ protection from flame?. enchanted metal to bring to Bratdrout Chaincoat?],

the jist,
Artimus would like
-4 healing potions,
-2 other potions of some kind,  
-lamp oil and a lantern
-improved chain shirt?
- Cotton, Dry meat, barrells of wine, medicine for Esmelteran.
-supplies for the journey
-Chained cannon shot for taking our masts
-settle the cost of the repairs to the Pistoles
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