Got 'stuff to do'?

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Got 'stuff to do'?

Post  Ao on Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:22 pm

Hey guys,

Kellar made a really great statement in chat today. He said:

"Kellar's had not much to do on the ship, from my perspective. Can only prep so much... hmmm, cannons. Do we have cannons?"

I love this.

Sometimes, when Im managing the 'macro' of the game, especially in PBP when its a daily thing, its easy to miss when a PC is not having a chance to be involved for a mechanical reason.

In which case, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Just like Kellar did. Also, a suggestion on how I can get you 'in the game' so to speak, is wonderful.

So, thanks Kell. And please guys, be on top of it and let me know if you're feeling a touch out of sync with the current events. And go ahead and make some suggestions on stuff you could be doing. I'll get you sorted.

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