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Projected adventures

Post  Artimus DeLonde on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:28 am

Look at these lazy brigands using sorcery to project their adventures! AO please continue to toil over your creations.

lookin forward to sitting around the table and relishing their glory.


This is the Dungeons and Dragons digital map setup created by Dungeon Master and Redditor Silverlight. My elven wizard approves. *steals ring of invisibility, raids Dungeon Master's fridge for beer and cold hotdogs*

   I recently ran a group of newbies through the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set. I wanted to do something really fun to get them engaged in the game and capture their attention, so I decided to set up a "hybrid" tabletop. The battle mat (map, drawings, etc.) is digital via a projector that I already owned, and then players had physical minis to represent themselves and the monsters they encountered.

Well, it's definitely an improvement over a blank grid map. I always have trouble getting into the game when my character is running around in a blank grid because my imagination is WEAK. And so is my willpower, which might explain the empty package of Double Stuf OREOs in the trash. That was lunch. I'm kidding, that was breakfast. The Pepperidge Farm Milanos and ice cream were lunch.

Keep going for several more shots.

Thanks to XaX, who once Dungeons and Dragoned so hard he still thought he was his character for like two days afterward.
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