(Defeated)Encounter IV: The Vines in The Water

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(Defeated)Encounter IV: The Vines in The Water

Post  Ao on Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:57 pm

Creature: Vine Blight
AC 12
HP: 10/42

All PC's in the pool (Cuss, Anna, Kilik, Kellar) need to make a DC 12 STR check or be dragged under the water, completely immobilized for the turn. If you succeed, you may attack the vines as normal, or turn your attention to the boulder.

***The vines take HALF DAMAGE from piercing and bludgeoning weapons. Also, fire damage will not be effective due to the water.

Shorjahl deals 13 damage
Kell deals 7 damage

Shorjahl deals 12 damage
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