Welcome to Roots of Legend

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Welcome to Roots of Legend

Post  Ao on Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:10 pm

Well met, players! Welcome, to Roots of Legend!

Get settled in, friends. Grab an ale. Grab your pipe.

Prepare for the Realms, as you've never seen them!

A few to-do's, before we get started.

0) Sign up for the site, and use your Character's Name as your handle.

1) Generate your character sheet.
a) Click on "profile"
b) Click on "character sheet"
c) Click "generate"
d) Fill in the blanks. Ability scores will be created using ROLL 4D6 and drop lowest. Then, slot them in as desired.
If I can't trust you to do this honestly, you're in the wrong game Smile

2) Introduce yourself
Head over to the Wheel & Skull "MUSTER THREAD", and say hello!

3) Choose an Avatar
Be sure you have one. Show us that dazzling smile.

4) Sign up for the chat box, on the sidebar
So that we can communicate when we're online.

5) Familiarize yourself with the dice roller!
The dice roller is a finicky mistress. Read about her HERE

6) Stay tuned for the start of the game!
This week, as soon as possible. News threads are in "the Lords Decree", which shows up in the News Feed in the sidebar over yonder ->
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